Vision, Mission & Culture

To help people through challenging times in their lives while balancing professionalism and compassion with aggressive and honorable representation of their rights.”

I AM dedicated to advocating my clients’ needs and promoting my clients’ objectives with excellence every day.

I SERVE primarily the North Florida community with advocacy, counsel and representation in the legal arena, primarily in the fields of Criminal Defense and Family Law. 

MY CLIENTS possess high personal and professional standards who wish to retain an attorney that will meet and exceed their high expectations.

I AM unique in that I am driven by my vision to provide legal counsel that achieves my clients’ objectives in a manner that elevates the professional image of attorneys through my integrity and compassion for my clients.


INTEGRITY: I believe in practicing with the highest degree of integrity and honor. As  an attorney, and a law firm, I strive to provide honest, sincere, and straight-forward counsel in every situation. I endeavor to earn the pride of my clients, the respect of my opponents, the trust of the tribunal, and the admiration of the community.

PROFESSIONALISM: I am a member of an honored profession, entrusted with protecting freedom and promoting justice for all. I concentrate on conducting myself in a manner fitting of that privileged position.

EXCELLENCE: I believe to BE the best you must always GIVE your best. I focus on striving for excellence in all that I do.

COMPASSION: It is my deep compassion for my clients’ interests that makes my law firm special. It is imperative to my continued growth that I feel for my clients’ plight. It is my belief that I must understand and relate to the challenges in my clients’ lives in order to be truly effective.

REPUTATION: I believe that my reputation for professionalism and excellent representation of my clients’ needs is crucial. My reputation is so important because I believe that my best source of future clients is through referral from existing and former clients and other attorneys whom I have worked with and against.

ADVOCACY: I believe that the central purpose of the attorney-client relationship is excellent advocacy. My clients hire me because they believe in my ability to advocate for their best interests in any situation. Likewise, my commitment to that purpose fuels my representation for professionalism and positive results.

UNITY: We are unified in our dedication to completing the client’s goals with excellence. Though this law firm is composed of different roles, duties and personalities, it is by each member focusing on their tasks that each person contributes to an end result that is greater than the sum of the parts. In doing so we provide the superior result our clients deserve.

APPRECIATION: Because we recognize that every member of the team is essential to providing superior caliber service we allocate praise for hard work and encouragement at all times.

CONFIDENCE: We know that, because of our excellent team, we will provide the best representation in any situation, no matter how complex and difficult or common and simple. This confidence in ourselves and our team allows us to ever be the optimists as we drive to be the finest law firm in North Florida.

ENDURABILITY: I believe that one of the greatest indicators of success is the ability to show endurance in the face of adversity. My firm prides itself on being a force for consistency for my clients in a tumultuous world of ups and downs.

INFLUENCE: I believe that my ability to positively influence situations is a key factor in my success both professionally and personally. My reputation and relationships provide me with a unique opportunity to influence situations to achieve justice.

LEADERSHIP: I believe that great leadership is achieved through example. By promoting my goals of professionalism and fairness, I have become a leader in my profession and in my community and elevate expectations in both.