Frequently Asked Questions:

“I have a serious legal problem but I have heard lawyers are expensive and don’t think I can afford one.”

Lawyers give you a tremendous advantage when dealing with legal issues and depending on the type of case are a necessary cost. An attorney can be paid for their services in one of three ways: 1) flat fee, 2) hourly fee, or 3) contingent fee. The Florida Bar regulates which way is appropriate in certain types of matters and how much can be charged. Mr. Desmond is available for free initial consultations on many types of cases and often can work with you to afford his services.

“Don’t lawyers just make things more complicated and drive up the costs of legal disputes?”

On the contrary, having an attorney from the early stages of a dispute can often save time and therefore money by being able to avoid problems that would otherwise arise during the course of the matter or minimize the trouble when it does arrive. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

“How long does a lawsuit/divorce/criminal case usually take to resolve?"

The length of time it takes to reach a conclusion is determined by the facts and the number and demeanor of the parties involved in each matter. The Law Offices of Sean T. Desmond is keenly aware that legal matters are a stressful undertaking for the client and makes every effort to speed the case to conclusion without sacrificing the best interests of the client. At the time of your consultation, Mr. Desmond will be able to provide a rough estimate of the time frame in your case.